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Prospective Suppliers

As a publicly and privately funded institution, the University of Toronto encourages supplier competition to obtain value for money, and uses a variety of procurement tools and methodologies to ensure cost-effective administration. The University’s procurement needs are diverse, ranging from routine supplies to highly complex research instruments.

Suppliers interested in providing goods and services should be familiar with:

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the University of Toronto’s purchasing structure?

The University of Toronto has a decentralized purchasing structure, and is comprised of more than 600 faculties and departments spread out over three campuses (St. George – Toronto, Mississauga, Scarborough).

Faculties and departments have delegated authority to purchase goods and services that do not exceed $100,000. Purchases at or above $100,000 are publically tendered on MERX.

For purchases less than $100,000, suppliers may contact specific departments which they believe could benefit from their offerings.

How do I market my company to the University of Toronto?

It is recommended that suppliers review the University of Toronto main website to gain an understanding of its academic mission, goals, objectives and programs. This will help you identify departments that may have a need for your goods and services.

You can then use the University of Toronto directory to identify key contacts in that area.

How can I become a University of Toronto Approved Supplier?

To become an Approved Supplier for a particular good and/or service, suppliers must respond to an open competition, be compliant with the mandatory requirements, and be successful in the evaluation process. The evaluation process will vary from one competition to another, as appropriate.

Opportunities to qualify as an Approved Supplier for the University of Toronto are published on MERX, as part of an open competitive procurement process. We encourage suppliers to continually check MERX for new opportunities that may arise throughout the year.

Suppliers may also be selected to become an Approved Supplier for the University of Toronto if they have a valid agreement with the Ontario Ministry of Government Services (MGCS), the Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace (OECM), or other valid agreements open to the Broader Public Sector (BPS).

To view open tenders for MGCS and OECM, visit the Ontario Tenders Portal.

What happens when I become an Approved Supplier?

Once you become an Approved Supplier, you are authorized to provide goods/services to University departments, as per the terms and conditions of the agreement. Your company will be published on the University of Toronto Approved Suppliers webpages, which will be communicated to the University community. Suppliers may contact departments individually to share their offerings.

The University of Toronto does not provide exclusivity to any supplier, nor do we guarantee volume or spend. The onus is on the supplier to increase its business transactions with the University by providing competitive pricing/discounts and superior customer service.

How do I register as a Diverse Supplier?

The University of Toronto’s Diverse Supplier Portal is a searchable directory with thousands social enterprises, diverse/equity-deserving suppliers, and local suppliers. If you are a diverse supplier and would like to be added to the directory, go to https://utoronto.gob2g.com.