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WordPress Website Design and Related Services

Additional Documents

The Approved Suppliers listed below have entered into an agreement with the University of Toronto to supply WordPress website design, build, custom development, maintenance, hosting, and related services.

Contracts are valid until February 26, 2026.

Design Build Custom Dev’t Hosting Maintenance
Foster Interactive
Office Bureau

How to Order

Ordering & Payment Methods
$0 – $9,999.99 PCard, Certified Invoice, FIS Purchase Order 1
$10,000 – $99,999.99 FIS Purchase Order 1
$100,000 + Contact Procurement Services
* Dollar thresholds are exclusive of taxes

Approved Suppliers

Supplier Contact Information
Foster Interactive Aidan Foster
(416) 922-4255

Kalamuna Andrew Mallis
(800) 674-7784 x1

Office Bureau John Ryan
Account Executive – Higher Education
(416) 841-6789 x212

Pantheon Sara Drohan
Account Executive – Higher Education
(585) 820-7133