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IT Technical Support Services

The Approved Suppliers listed below have entered into an agreement with the University of Toronto to supply IT technical support services. Contracts are valid until February 10, 2023.

The Approved Suppliers can provide the University of Toronto with the following highly skilled resources at various experience levels:

  • Business Analyst
  • Business Architect
  • Cloud Specialist
  • Courseware Developer
  • Data Architect
  • Data Conversion Analyst
  • Data Specialist
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Specialist
  • IT Facilities Architect
  • IT Facilities Specialist
  • Middleware Specialist
  • Network Administrator
  • Network Architect
  • Penetration Testing Specialist
  • Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) Specialist
  • Project Manager
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Specialist
  • Security Analyst
  • Security Architect
  • Security Specialist
  • Service Desk Analyst
  • Software Architect
  • Software Programmer/Developer
  • Software Specialist
  • Solutions Architect
  • Strategic Advisor
  • Systems Administrator
  • Technical Support Specialist
  • Technical Trainer
  • Vulnerability Assessment Specialist
  • Web Developer
  • Web Specialist

Pricing Guide

A Pricing Guide can be used to determine ceiling (i.e. maximum) rates from each supplier as provided in the Master Agreement. However departments can request and negotiate a better discounted price for individual assignments.

Pricing Guide

How to Order

Ordering & Payment Methods
$0 – $4,999.99 PCard, Certified Invoice, FIS Purchase Order 1
$5,000 – $99,999.99 FIS Purchase Order 1
$100,000 + Contact Procurement Services
* Dollar thresholds are exclusive of taxes

Approved Suppliers

Supplier Contact Information
Calian Ltd. Gloria Higdon
Senior Business Relationship Manager
(613) 599-8600 x2207

Eagle Professional Resources Kiera Bauer
Account Executive
(416) 861-1492 x3272

PlanIT Search Ksenja Thellimi
Division Manager, Government Services
(416) 260-9996 x222

S.i. Systems Partnership Rob Tolan
Managing Director
(437) 344-9664

Step by Step Professional Services Colin Mark
Managing Director
(416) 855-7837 x111

Ward Technology Talen Joanne Boucher
Vice President
(416) 345-1777 x231