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General Procurement (phase2)

Are the thresholds based on before or after tax?

Procurement Policy thresholds are based on the Total Procurement Value before taxes. However, it’s always prudent to get additional quotes when you are close to the upper limit, in case unforeseen costs need to be factored in.

Is a Limited Tendering form required for purchases between $5,000 and $25,000?

Purchase Orders greater than $25,000 are reviewed by Procurement Services before being released (through PO Workflow). This includes non-competitive procurements, where the Limited Tendering form is attached to the PO.

POs between $5k – $25k can be created and released by the local unit without a review by Procurement. However, if it is not possible to get the minimum 2 quotations, the requirement for a Limited Tendering form still applies, and should be attached to the PO for audit purposes.

When obtaining quotes from Suppliers, do I have to use the Invitation to Quote template?


The Invitation to Quote is a template you can use, but is not a requirement when soliciting quotes from Suppliers.

What is critical is that each Supplier be provided the same information when being asked to quote.

For purchases between $25,000 and $100,000, why is only 1 quote required for some Approved Suppliers, while others require 3 quotes?


  • Depends on the type of competitive bid process used (eg RFP vs RFSQ)

For group hotel bookings over $5,000, do I need to get additional quotes?

Due to the nature of hotel bookings, additional quotes are not required. For example, if you were attending a conference, it only makes sense that you would stay at the conference hotel.

When choosing a Supplier for Informal and Invitational Procurements, do I have to select the lowest bid?


Can I sell or buy using eBay?



Do I need to complete a Non-Competitive Justification form if the total purchase value is less than $25,000?

The Non-Competitive form should be completed whenever policy requires more than one quote. This document must be completed with the necessary one-over-one sign-off before an award is made to any supplier. It must be retained by the department and readily available for audit purposes.

Sending the form to Procurement for review is required if the total purchase value (before taxes) is more than $25,000 (St. George Campus),

For more information, see Non-Competitive Procurement.

Are there other departments I should engage before making a purchase?


For most purchases, no. However, there are exceptions:


When purchasing equipment that requires installation (furniture, wall hangings etc.), work must be vetted by Facilities & Services (Environmental Health & Safety). This is especially important if the work requires drilling or other forms of disturbing the wall fabric.


For more information, see the EH&S FAQ.

Branded Merchandise

Anytime you use the U of T logo on branded merchandise, all artwork and mock-ups must be approved by the Trademark Licensing Office before production.


For more information, see Marketing and Promotional Products.


Marketing, Media Planning and Buying Services

The University of Toronto Communications (UTC) department should be informed of all new assignments/projects for this service.


For more information, see Agency of Record.


Campus Signage

Facilities and Services department must be informed of all new assignments/projects for this service.


For more information, see Campus Signage.