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ITQ Goods with instructions

Use this invitation to quote (ITQ) template for soliciting quotes from multiple suppliers for Goods.

ITQ – Goods Template

How to use this template

Complete the Timetable (Issued On and Respond By dates), and the Requesting Department contact information.

Complete the Product Requirements section with all the necessary goods to be purchased.

Email an identical copy to each supplier, noting in the email the Respond By date.
After the Respond By date, evaluate all received quotations, giving Ontario Businesses a 10% preference using either Price Only or Rated Criteria:


  • Keep on file any “no quotation” responses from suppliers who decline to quote. Make sure the reason for the decline is included.
  • There is no obligation to make a purchase resulting from any quotation solicitation.
  • If a non-Ontario business is awarded, a Non-Ontario Business Justification Form (NOBJ) must be completed.
Ensure the Supplier Acknowledgement is completed and signed by the supplier to confirm:

  • They understand and comply with the specified General Instructions and Conditions.
  • Their status as an Ontario or Non-Ontario Business