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Spend Dynamics

With Spend Dynamics®, cardholders can access their account activity online through the BMO portal. In addition, Department Card Coordinators (DCCs) can run reports on their cardholders’ activity.

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Cardholder Monthly Statements

Used to reconcile receipts, vouchers, packing slips, and to provide an audit trail. Cardholders will receive an email from BMO (typically on the 29th of each month) notifying them that their statement is available for review and download.

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Non-Posted Transactions Reports

These reports provide cardholders and DCC’s with visibility into declined transactions (exceed monthly or transaction limits, prohibited merchant category, etc.).

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Account Statement Report

The Account Statement Report (formerly referred to as the Central Billing Report) provides DCCs a transaction summary of all departmental PCards over the course of a cycle period. This report should be used to reconcile cardholder transactions on a monthly basis.

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Account Management Report

The Account Management Report provides a summary of all PCards within a DCC’s respective department along with their associated monthly credit limits and FIS accounting information.

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Transaction Summary Report

The Transaction Summary Report provides DCC’s with a transaction summary for a particular cardholder in their department.

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