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What is a Requisitioner?

Requisitioners have the same system permissions as Shoppers (e.g. can create shopping carts), but in addition can enter enter accounting and shipping information. Depending on their department’s business process, Requisitioners may also approve their own cart to create the Purchase Order (self-approval permissions).

If a Requisitioner also has the Approver role (i.e. Requisitioner/Approver), they can approve their own orders and orders from other users.

There are two types of Requisitioners:

  1. A Basic Requisitioner can submit carts to approval workflow using up to 25 Funds Centers, which must be configured by a uSOURCE Administrator. Most Requisitioners fall into this category.
  2. An Open Requisitioner can submit carts to approval workflow using any Fund Center. This role is typically assigned to users in departments or faculties that purchase centrally.

For a more complete list of permissions, see uSOURCE User Roles.

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    Last Updated:  January 10, 2018