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User Roles

A role is a set of permissions; depending on your department’s business process, a user can have a single or multiple roles assigned to them.

For example, in a large department, a lab tech creates the shopping cart (Shopper), assigns it to a lab manager who enters the accounting code information and shipping address (Requisitioner), and then submits the cart to the PI who reviews the cart and approves the order (Approver).

Or in a smaller department, the Business Officer with Requisitioner/Approver permissions creates the shopping cart, adds the accounting code information, and approves the order.

System Permissions

  • View all Suppliers and products available in uSOURCE
  • Create, update, edit and withdraw their own shopping carts
  • Create Shared Carts
  • Add notes and attachments to shopping carts
  • Assign and un-assign shopping carts to a Requisitioner
  • Check the approval status of a Requisition
  • Create Goods Receipts and Return Receipts
  • View all their invoices and payment history in the uSOURCE system
  • Review and update their user profile

Same permissions as Shoppers, as well as:

  • Receive and Review Assigned Carts
  • Add or Change Ship-to Addresses and Accounting Codes
  • Update Cart Information
  • Return/Delete a Cart
  • Submit Carts to approval workflow; if authorized, self-approve orders
  • View Document History and Comments
  • Assign/Un-assign a Substitute Requisitioner
  • Create a Shared Cart Group for consolidated ordering by a group of shoppers (e.g. office supplies for several people at once)

  • Review, push back, approve, or reject Requisitions routed to them through approval workflow
  • Approve via email
  • Assign and un-assign substitute Approvers
  • Search for and view documents related to the Requisitions they have approved, including the Purchase Order, Goods Receipts, and Invoices

  • Create Goods Receipts and Return Receipts

Basic vs Open Requisitioner

There are two types of Requisitioners:

A Basic Requisitioner can submit carts to approval workflow using up to 25 Funds Centers, which must be configured by a uSOURCE Administrator. Most Requisitioners fall into this category.

An Open Requisitioner can submit carts to approval workflow using any Fund Center. This role is typically assigned to users in departments or faculties that purchase centrally.

Last Updated:  May 23, 2018