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How are my uSOURCE orders paid?

One of the many advantages of ordering through uSOURCE is that invoices are paid automatically by the system using your FIS accounts. Suppliers submit invoices directly into uSOURCE.

If the Purchase Order total (before tax) is less than $5,000, the invoice will be paid by the system once it is submitted by the Supplier. However, you must always verify the goods received match what was ordered and invoiced, and if there are any discrepancies, follow up with the Supplier.

For Purchase Orders greater than $5,000, after you create a Goods Receipt, the system performs a ‘3-way match’, comparing the Purchase Order (what was ordered), with the Invoice (what was billed), and the Goods Receipt (what was received). If all match, uSOURCE will automatically pay the Supplier.


  • If your order hasn’t been invoiced yet, contact the Supplier and ask them to submit it through uSOURCE.
  • Invoices outside the system cannot be processed in uSOURCE. If you receive an invoice by email or mail, ask the Supplier to resubmit through uSOURCE.

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    Last Updated:  January 10, 2018