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Purchase Order Requests – Turnaround Time & Status Updates

Turnaround Time (SLA)

We receive a large number of PO requests on a regular basis and try to conduct compliance reviews in a timely manner.  Our standard turnaround time for compliance reviews related to Purchase Orders greater than $25,000 is five (5) business days.


If your PO has not been released within 5 days, you can then request an update on the review status.

Status Updates

For the most part, there’s no need to email purchasing.help for workflow POs greater than $25,000 – they are automatically routed through the SAP inbox.

Exceptions include:

  • Reject PO (e.g. if you need to make changes before Procurement’s review)
  • Urgent request (we ask these be used sparingly)
  • Status update (after 5 business days)

Last Updated:  November 24, 2021