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Does Procurement Services review contracts valued less than $100,000?

Procurement Services (St. George Campus) does not provide legal review for contracts less than $100,000 *.

Many faculties have their own legal resources to review and provide feedback on supplier agreements. In addition, the Office of University Counsel (Corporate Services) provides legal advice on a range of contracts with a view to mitigating overall risk to the University, including reviewing, negotiating, or drafting agreements for purchases under $100,000.


Faculties and departments have the authority to approve and sign contracts, including those for the purchase of goods and services. They must be in the normal course of business and adhere to University policy and procedures.

For more information on drafting contracts, see Supplier Contracts and Agreements.

*UTM and UTSC may have different review processes; for more information, email your respective campus contact.

May 2, 2023

Last Updated:  June 22, 2023