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Competitive Bid Notification page


Contact Information
Name Anthony Davison Telephone 416-978-3292
Job Title Communications Officer Email anthony.davison@utoronto.ca
Office of the Vice-President, University of Toronto Communications
Project Information
Title FOM X4 Printed Equipment
Description The procurement of MBA Fairs is an important part of the recruitment process for the FT MBA program. These fairs are organized by many different companies in different parts of the world, and it is important for the FT MBA Admissions team to participate in these events as this is the primary source of leads for the MBA program, it helps build a diverse class with students from different regions and also helps us build brand presence in key strategic markets.

While numerous fair providers offer this service, the Rotman Full time MBA team works with a select handful of fair companies due to their extensive global presence and strong local marketing efforts, favourable pricing and the high caliber of students they attract.

Another important consideration for choosing these particular fair providers is that other Canadian MBA programs (our competitors) also exclusively use these fair providers and it is essential that we also participate in the same events to remain competitive and maintain our presence in high potential markets.

Please find outlined the fair providers we use on a regular basis, along with cost estimates and regional participation:

Est. Value
$12,300,000.00 CAD
Ready to meet
7 Days