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Bid Dispute Resolution – Standard Operating Procedure


This Standard Operating Procedure outlines the Bid Dispute resolution process to ensure that any dispute is handled in an ethical, fair, reasonable, and timely manner. This process complies with Bid Dispute procedures set out in applicable Trade Agreements.


Bid Dispute:  a dispute raised against the methods employed or decisions made by the University in the administration of an RFx process.

Proponent:  a Proponent is a supplier who submits a formal response to an RFx document.

Debriefing:  a practice of informing a Proponent why its response to an RFx process was not selected.


In the event that a Proponent wishes to review the decision of the University in respect of any material aspect of the RFx process, and subject to having attended a Debriefing, the Proponent may submit a dispute in writing to the Director of Procurement Services within 10 business days of such a Debriefing. Any dispute in writing that is not timely received will not be considered and the Proponent will be notified in writing.

  1. A dispute in writing shall include the following:
  • the RFx name and number;
  • the date of Debriefing and name of procurement officer who conducted the Debriefing;
  • the name and address of the Proponent;
  • the specific identification of the provision and/or procurement procedure that is alleged to have been breached;
  • the specific description of each act alleged to have breached the procurement process;
  • a precise statement of the relevant facts;
  • an identification of the issues to be resolved;
  • the Proponent’s arguments and supporting documentation; and
  • the Proponent’s requested remedy.
  1. The Director of Procurement Services will respond, in writing, to the Proponent within 10 business days of receiving the written dispute. The final decision on the issue will be made by the Director of Procurement Services, in consultation with the Chief Financial Officer and shall be considered final and conclusive.

Contact Information

Address the written dispute to:

Director, Procurement Services
University of Toronto
215 Huron Street, 2nd Floor
Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1A2